Музыка в эфире
  1. Little Big  -  I'm OK
  2. Zivert  -  Life
  3. Alexiane  -  A Million on My Soul
  4. C-Bool  -  Catch You
  5. RSAC  -  NBA (Rompasso Remix)
  6. JONY  -  Аллея
  7. Netta  -  Nana Banana
  8. Звонкий  -  Shine
  9. Loboda  -  Пуля-дура
  10. Filatov & Karas  -  Возьми моё сердце (feat.…
Фото Jayesslee


Биография >>
Janice Lee and Sonia Lee are twins; both born and raised in Sydney Australia. Janice is the older twin being of only 10 minutes difference. Both their parents are Korean, so they are able to read, write and speak the language. Janice and Sonia have always shared a passion for singing. Now, they are both set on pursuing music. Their melodious voice, cute personality and features, and also the advantage… читать дальше
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