Музыка в эфире
  1. Billie Eilish  -  Bad Guy
  2. RSAC  -  NBA
  3. The Weeknd  -  Call Out My Name
  4. Machine Gun Kelly  -  Home
  5. Ofenbach  -  Rock It
  6. Ilkay Sencan  -  Do It
  7. Maruv  -  Siren Song
  8. Havana  -  I Lost You (feat. Yaar)
  9. Andy Darling  -  Просто Танцевать (feat. Xnova)
  10. Magnus The Magnus  -  Area


Биография Kadebostany

New colonists of the pop empire, Kadebostany have swiftly catapulted themselves into the spotlight with their irresistible blend of pop music devouring unlikely influences to create a singular yet terribly catchy universe of its own. A striking visual identity and their infamously powerful live performances backed by an exclusive visual show perfect the experience. Bearing both a solid artistic credibility and an evident potential for broad appeal, Kadebostany are set to stand as undisputed heralds of a renewal in the pop music world.

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