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    Фото Jah Khalib - Джадуа
    Jah Khalib Джадуа
  • 07:59 + -
    Фото Ava Max - So Am I
    Ava Max So Am I
  • 07:56 + -
    Фото Artik & Kacher - Bailame
    Artik & Kacher Bailame
  • 07:53 + -
    Фото Gromee - Worth It (feat. Asdis)
    Gromee Worth It (feat. Asdis)
  • 07:50 + -
    Фото Doja Cat - Say So
    Doja Cat Say So
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    DOROFEEVA, обложка альбома
    DOROFEEVA gorit (Radio Edit)
  2. 2
    Miley Cyrus, обложка альбома
    Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky
  3. 3
    KeSha, обложка альбома
    KeSha Tik Tok
  4. 4
    Michael Patrick Kelly, обложка альбома
    Michael Patrick Kelly Beautiful Madness
  5. 5
    Элджей & Feduk, обложка альбома
    Элджей & Feduk Розовое Вино
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http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Orion/3540266821 Orion, a multi-talented R&B singer, songwriter and producer has almost 15 years of public performing experience. Coming from a musically talented New Jersey family, Orion has been supported his entire life to pursue his dreams and has never lessened the passion for performing whether on stage or in the studio. He's showcased his talent at renown venues such as Carnegie Hall, Kimmel Center, Annapolis Music Center and the list… читать дальше
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