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    Фото Dabro - Юность
    Dabro Юность
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    Фото Mike Williams - Kylie (feat. Dastic)
    Mike Williams Kylie (feat. Dastic)
  • 13:15 + -
    Фото Beowulf - Bedroom (feat. Diskover & Tribbs & Bright Sparks)
    Beowulf Bedroom (feat. Diskover &…
  • 13:12 + -
    Фото The Prince Karma - Superstar
    The Prince Karma Superstar
  • 13:09 + -
    Фото Vize - Stars (feat. Laniia)
    Vize Stars (feat. Laniia)
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    DOROFEEVA, обложка альбома
    DOROFEEVA gorit (Radio Edit)
  2. 2
    AronChupa, обложка альбома
    AronChupa The Woodchuck Song (feat. Little Sis Nora)
  3. 3
    Miley Cyrus, обложка альбома
    Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky
  4. 4
    Moses & Emr3ygul, обложка альбома
    Moses & Emr3ygul A Million My On Soul (feat. Alexiane) (Remix)
  5. 5
    Michael Patrick Kelly, обложка альбома
    Michael Patrick Kelly Beautiful Madness
Paul Carrack

Paul Carrack

Биография Paul Carrack

He’s so self-effacing that he’d probably just laugh at the description, but Paul Carrack is a bit of a renaissance man on the quiet. He’s a label owner, hugely popular recording and touring artist, one of the most in-demand voices and songwriters of his generation and the creator of a catalogue of household hits. But beyond all that, Carrack just loves making music, and now he’s delivering a real career landmark and the best blue-eyed soul album of the year.

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