Музыка в эфире
  1. Ilkay Sencan  -  Do It
  2. HOLOD  -  Coca Cola Zero
  3. Рита Дакота  -  Мантра
  4. AJR  -  Burn the House Down
  5. Loboda  -  Пуля-дура
  6. Ofenbach  -  Rock It
  7. Rompasso  -  Ignis
  8. Zivert  -  Шарик
  9. Playmen  -  Fallin
  10. Kazka  -  Плакала
Биография >>
Oliver Schmidt aka Ben Delay, born in the winter of 1976 has been working for more than ten years now in the DJ Industry. He spent his first few years arranging and spinning at various parties in the 'Bergischen Land'. In 1999, Ben worked for the first time as a DJ in the former 'Visions' Nightclub (now called H90) in Cologne, at one of the 'Boogie Night' parties. After performing… читать дальше
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