Музыка в эфире
  1. RSAC  -  NBA
  2. Billie Eilish  -  Bad Guy
  3. Ilkay Sencan  -  Do It
  4. Havana  -  I Lost You (feat. Yaar)
  5. Ofenbach  -  Rock It
  6. Machine Gun Kelly  -  Home
  7. Zivert  -  Шарик
  8. Magnus The Magnus  -  Area
  9. Эмма М  -  Beautiful Life
  10. Andy Darling  -  Просто Танцевать (feat. Xnova)
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FAUL Paris, France Faul literally means „lazy“ in German, but that´s definitely not this guys leitmotif. Quite the contrary, this Frenchmen is about go through the roof thanks to his enormous work ethic and studio mastery. But to make his musical impact felt and certainly heard, Maxime does not rely on the typical studio gimmicks, which have polluted international dance-floors. The French native might use the back door to make… читать дальше
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