Музыка в эфире
  1. Zivert  -  Life
  2. Kazka  -  Плакала
  3. Jemme  -  Butterfly
  4. Zedd  -  365 (feat. Katy Perry)
  5. Artik & Asti  -  Грустный дэнс (feat. Артем…
  6. Maruv  -  Siren Song
  7. Triplo Max  -  Shadow
  8. Zivert  -  Зелёные Волны
  9. Rita Ora  -  Let You Love Me
  10. Звонкий  -  Голоса
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Humate Biography By David Peter Wesolowski The key man behind house project Humate is German DJ Gerret Frerichs, who launched the effort in tandem with P. Kjonberg in the city of Oldenburg during the early '90s. This was Frerichs' first serious attempt to release dance records after playing in live bands for many years. Amongst Humate's early offerings was the single "Love Stimulation," which made a big impact in clubs… читать дальше
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