Музыка в эфире
  1. Zivert  -  Life
  2. Kazka  -  Плакала
  3. Jemme  -  Butterfly
  4. Zedd  -  365 (feat. Katy Perry)
  5. Artik & Asti  -  Грустный дэнс (feat. Артем…
  6. Maruv  -  Siren Song
  7. Triplo Max  -  Shadow
  8. Zivert  -  Зелёные Волны
  9. Rita Ora  -  Let You Love Me
  10. Звонкий  -  Голоса
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New York, New York, February 1st 2006 - As a child Jehro’s imagination was fuelled by the dreams of his Greek-Italian-Corsican mother, and the songs of his Georges Brassens-inspired singer of a father. So it’s no surprise that he grew out of an eventful, if not quite misspent, adolescence in the Panier area of Marseille by putting his voice to the songs of the great French artists. Aged twenty he… читать дальше
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