Музыка в эфире
  1. RSAC  -  NBA (Rompasso Remix)
  2. Zivert  -  Life
  3. RASA  -  Пчеловод
  4. C-Bool  -  Catch You
  5. Katy Perry  -  Roulette
  6. Maruv  -  Mon Amour (feat. Mosimann)
  7. Zivert  -  Зелёные Волны
  8. Rita Ora  -  Let You Love Me
  9. Макс Барских  -  Неземная
  10. Jaded  -  In the Morning (feat. Kah-Lo)


Биография Kokane

Kokane, also known as Jerry B. Long, Jr. (born 1969), is a rapper from Pomona, California best known for his co-appearances on Dr. Dre's album 2001 and the work on G-funk album Funk Upon A Rhyme and his backup work with Snoop Dogg in Tha Last Meal album, who signed him to Dogghouse Records, bringing a renewed sense of promise to Kokane's long-running career. He is the son of Motown composer "Jerry Long, Sr.". He started his career at Eazy-E's Ruthless Records, co-writing songs for N.W.A and Above the Law.

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