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    Фото Why So Sad - Out Of Time
    Why So SadOut Of Time
  • 19:49+-
    Фото Spada Prezioso - Tiger
    Spada PreziosoTiger
  • 19:45+-
    Фото DJ Jedy - What Can I Do
    DJ JedyWhat Can I Do
  • 19:42+-
    Фото Selena Gomez - Dance Again
    Selena GomezDance Again
  • 19:39+-
    Фото Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better
    Alex AdairMake Me Feel Better
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  1. 1
    RSAC, обложка альбома
    RSAC NBA (Rompasso Remix)
  2. 2
    Tones And I, обложка альбома
    Tones And I Dance Monkey
  3. 3
    Slider & Magnit, обложка альбома
    Slider & Magnit Morze
  4. 4
    Zedd, обложка альбома
    Zedd Good Thing (feat. Kehlani)
  5. 5
    Ilkay Sencan, обложка альбома
    Ilkay Sencan Do It
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Sphere is a metal band playing technical, modern metal with challenging rhythms and melodic choruses. It was formed late summer of 2012 where the focus was to gather band members that had the skills to play complex music, but also a dedication, willingness and availability to work hard to reach the band’s goals. During the autumn the band recorded their first album, ‘Primordial’, at Strand Studio. Read more about Sphere… читать дальше
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