Музыка в эфире
  1. RSAC  -  NBA (Rompasso Remix)
  2. C-Bool  -  Catch You
  3. #2Маши  -  Мама, Я Танцую
  4. Zivert  -  Life
  5. Netta  -  Nana Banana
  6. Ariana Grande  -  7 Rings
  7. Maruv & Boosin  -  Drunk Groove
  8. Zivert  -  Зелёные Волны
  9. Kazka  -  Плакала
  10. Макс Барских  -  Неземная
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Starkillers* Nick Terranova Los Angeles, United States Soundcloud | www.soundcloud.com/starkillers As the USA’s dance music scene continues to come of age on a widespread scale and different styles proliferate and evolve, new talents are coming thick and fast. Only a few have the staying power to go the distance, however. Formerly known as Nick Terranova, U.S talent Starkillers has been cutting a swathe through the bolshier end of the global… читать дальше
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