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    Фото Artik & Asti - Под гипнозом
    Artik & Asti Под гипнозом
  • 17:27
    Фото Kush Kush - So Lonely
    Kush Kush So Lonely
  • 17:24
    Фото NK - Девочки рулят (Radio Edit)
    NK Девочки рулят (Radio Edit)
  • 17:22
    Фото Camila Cabello - Don't Go Yet
    Camila Cabello Don't Go Yet
  • 17:19
    Фото Artik & Asti - Кукла
    Artik & Asti Кукла
  1. 1
    Rosa Linn, обложка альбома
    Rosa Linn Snap
  2. 2
    Regard, обложка альбома
    Regard Hallucination (feat. Years & Years)
  3. 3
    Jeon Somi, обложка альбома
    Jeon Somi Gold Gold Gold
  4. 4
    Purple Disco Machine, обложка альбома
    Purple Disco Machine In The Dark (feat. Sophie and the Giants)
  5. 5
    Manizha, обложка альбома
    Manizha Standing Between Two Walls
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Basically a solo project for Atlanta producer Chris Brann with the help of DJ cohorts Deep C and Udoh, Wamdue Productions' recordings provided one of the few convincing home/club fusions which err, if at all, on the side of the dancefloor. Unlike the large community of artists more allied to their headphones than a bassbin, Wamdue productions are easy club favorites, and though they record for the strictly mainstream label… читать дальше
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