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    Фото Mabel - Boyfriend
    Mabel Boyfriend
  • 04:12 + -
    Фото Alekseev - Till The End Of Time (feat. Kazka)
    Alekseev Till The End Of Time (feat.…
  • 04:09 + -
    Фото The Black Eyed Peas - No Manana
    The Black Eyed Peas No Manana
  • 04:05 + -
    Фото Gamper & Dadoni - Bittersweet Symphony (feat. Emily Roberts)
    Gamper & Dadoni Bittersweet Symphony (feat.…
  • 04:02 + -
    Фото Flipsyde - Happy Birthday (feat. Piper)
    Flipsyde Happy Birthday (feat. Piper)
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    DOROFEEVA, обложка альбома
    DOROFEEVA gorit (Radio Edit)
  2. 2
    Thomas Gold, обложка альбома
    Thomas Gold Pump Up The Jam (Radio Edit)
  3. 3
    Inna, обложка альбома
    Inna Flashbacks
  4. 4
    Phao, обложка альбома
    Phao 2 Phut Hon (Kaiz Remix)
  5. 5
    Tom Boxer, обложка альбома
    Tom Boxer Lose Control (feat. Giang Pham)


Биография Jayesslee

Janice Lee and Sonia Lee are twins; both born and raised in Sydney Australia. Janice is the older twin being of only 10 minutes difference. Both their parents are Korean, so they are able to read, write and speak the language. Janice and Sonia have always shared a passion for singing. Now, they are both set on pursuing music. Their melodious voice, cute personality and features, and also the advantage of being twins has garnered quite a huge amount of fans.

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